John Akre, Animator

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Here are my animated shorts from 2017:

I Am Wet

Screenings: MNKino 52 at the Water Bar


Screenings: CAVE 2

The Astonishing Adventures of Trump Dodgers, Space President

Screenings: Minne Mini Film Festival

Mini Mogul Masters Mud Menagerie

Screenings: CAVE 2

My Favorite Forehead

Screenings: MNKino Composer Quest, World Animation Celebration, Animation Marathon (Athens, Greece), Wildwood Film Festival

Art-A-Whirl 2017: What Don't You Notice?

Science Today: The Trump Particle

Screenings: Athens International Animation Festival, Free Range Film Festival, MinnAnimate

Minneapolis Beneath the Asphalt Part 7

Screenings: AE Film Festival

Walker Dance Animation