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Symphony of a Thousand Novel From Zero
The Pome a Day Project is back for 2008 and maybe beyond! Symphony of a Thousand Novel From Zero As Seen On TV by John Akre

is an award finalist!

Missing F.U. is a novel on-line. Read it!
Walker and Driver A Carfree Home Page
Billion Million Thousand Hundred Billion Million Thousand Hundred Novel Not Extinct

The anti-car novel that you just must read!

A Carfree Home Page is my web site about living without a car. It has been up on the web for a while.
Walker and Driver is a whole novel of mine set down in web pages.
40 Winks for a Cyclops Guy's Gal is a Blog Novel (blogvel).

Wargoon Flishe Watch was my writing project for 2006

Carfree 2005
Copies of Symphony and Billion may be purchased by mail. Send $12 each ( this includes $2 shipping per book) to:

John Akre
1518 NE 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Please specify which book or books. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery (I'll send it off earlier than that most likely, but I might be on vacation or something).

Read about all of my finished book projects in A Sloppy Bibliography.

Find out about my video and film projects in my Sloppy Films site.

Carfree 2005 is a diary of my attempts to do without a car that year. I wrote about why and how.
Pomes For Every Occasion (But not this one) is a book of pomes. Here it is as a pdf file.
Sloppy Films
Find out about movies I like and movies I make at my Sloppy Films web site.

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